Some good, some maybe not so good.


Note:  Each of these programs (about 45 min.each) gives a look into the time of the American culture in which we lived our youth/adolescence.


The following programs, "The Fifties", were aired on the History Channel.  They are the work of Author & Journalist, David Halberstam.

Titles, in order they were broadcast:   
--- "The Fear and the Dream"  
--- "Selling the American Way"
--- "Let's Play House"
--- "The Beat"
---"The Rage Within"
--- "The Road to the Sixties"  

The programs listed above will be available one at a time, and will be cumulative within this link for you to view at your leisure. You will receive a notice as each one becomes available.  I hope you will participate & enjoy these.


Posting Date  12/13/15

"The Fear & The Dream"

Posting Date  01/17/2016
"Selling the American Way"

Posting Date  07/04/2016
" Let's Play House "


Posting Date:  10/04/16

 "The Beat "


Posting Date:  12/05/16
"The Rage Within"


Posting Date:  01/03/17
"The Road to the Sixties"