Selected Excerpts ...



" Alas I Digress "
     The following are a few random excerpts from the section of my book entitled "Alas I Digress."

     " My Early Years:
Living in Batavia,New York 

        "After the Korean War, 1950-1953, the country was relatively calm and peaceful. When we talk about the '50's, most of us who lived in those good years would consider this an era that ran approximately 1956-1966. It would be more a state of mind than an actual span of time. It was great..."
     "In 1950 the moving cycle of our lives was completed with Dad's retirement from active duty (Colonel) in the United States Army. We settled back to Batavia - where I was born. Our home was 241 State Street..."
     "Activities in the fifties centered around school, church, YMCA and the neighborhood. Families and friends were close and moms were at home for the most part.  I remember my daily routine of dropping by to pick up Roger Snell, Sid Barsuk & Paul Didget on the way to school, the fun times we had playing touch football, and winters sliding down the hill in State St. Park. I remember the the neighborhood group hanging out at the Northside Grocery, and the trips to Woolworth store lunch counter. Summer evenings were a time for nightly games of kick-the-can with neighborhood friends..."
     "Batavia Jr./Sr. High School (1953-1959) was awesome with many close and lasting friendships. My nick name quickly became, Huffy. The school and its attending activities were central to our lives. Singing groups,athletic activities, schools plays, student elections & student government, school paper and yearbook and many more options were available to all of us. Above all, the dating game, the teenage loves and breakups, the music of the time, (Rock 'n Roll)  dances and the after game sock hops."
    "...the crusing around town in our cars, the burgers & shakes, and the summer evenings at the  local drive in movie." 

                                                                       ...and on for another 162 pages.

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     Someone once told me they didn't think anyone should write their autobiography until after they were deceased!  I gave that some thought but decided not to wait for that to occur.  I think my memory will serve me best to complete the task early.

 "Thank You" ...
       for spending a portion of your valuable time reading about selected memories from my life with some historical events through in.  I have enjoyed your company.