"Alas, I Digress"

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    A Note to Classmates:  Leave a Legacy   


     How much do you actually know about the life of your parents, grandparents, or possibly great -grandparents?  I am sure many of you have fond memories of your time with them, but what made them that person?  What molded them to become "them?"  Well, unless they wrote about themselves, you might have only the view of other family members whose first hand knowledge may differ widely.
    So may may I suggest you break the mold and leave your loved ones a legacy.  Write an autobiography. I did. My motive:  to provide an explanation to my sons and grandchildren of how and why I became the person whom they identified as "Dad" or "Papa / Grandpa Paul."

     Every day of delay is a day lost forever. The most important thing to do is to BEGIN.  I worked a little bit at a time until I finished sharing my 75 years. ( not that much to share anymore since everyone around me is aware of my activities ) Many of my entries were just ramblings from my memories as they flashed vividly into my mind at the time.  I published the final draft in a hard bound book format. It was really a fun and rewarding project. 


PS.   I also included major historical events for each decade (found on-line) to give a perspective to how happenings might have had a influence on my life.   Have questions?  Feel free to contact me.