This page is intended to help you cruise our website.

The website is maintained and hosted by classmate Paul Huff and is completely free to all members of our class. We do have a domaine name, that makes the site easy to find.  You will never be asked to pay to create a profile or to share with other classmates.

You will need to make your individual profile in order to access any password protected pages. Start by clicking on the Our Homeroom link. This will take you to a page with all your classmates names, including yours. Find your name and click on it.  Follow the prompts to create your profile. The password that you enter during this process will be used as your login password. You can personalize your page with information such as what you have been up to since graduation, school memories, your family, and photos.

If you do not find your name on the Our Homeroom page, please use the Contact Us button to have your name added. If you change your email address, snail mail address, or phone number, please remember to update those in your profile. Of course, you can change or update other information at any time.

Please check the Home Page Announcements each time you visit us.  And make use of the "Message Center" in the left Navigation Panel to easily communicate with class members.

Finally, all contact information that you enter into this website will be kept confidential. It will not be shared, sold, or distributed. Your information is private.

 More Instructions 

How To Upload Photos To Your PROFILE Page:   

1.)  Be sure you are logged in on the Home page. In the links on the left side under the Navigation Panel entitled MEMBER FUNCTIONS, click on the link:  Edit/Upload Photos.  

2.)  The Photo page will appear and you'll see a gray box titled: Upload New Photo. Click on this box and you will be at the Add Photo page.

3.)  The Add Photo page gives basic instructions for uploading your photos. There are 3 places on this page to make entries:

... Sort:  The sort number controls the order in which photos display on your page. By default, your pictures will appear in the order you entered them, so this isn't important for your first picture. But later, if you want picture #5 to appear as #1, you will have to change the sort numbers on your pictures. If you delete a picture, the sort numbers of the remaining pictures do not change (e.g., if you delete picture #2 out of 4 pictures, you will show pictures #1,3,and 4.)

... Caption:  Caption is the description you write for you picture.

... Browse:  This is the most important one, for this is how you find the picture on your computer and get it to appear on your page.

4.)  Your first picture will automatically be Sort Number 1.

5.)  Now click the Browse button. A list of folders on your computer will show up. Locate the folder that holds your picture. For most  of you this will be the My Pictures folder located in the My Documents folder. When you have clicked through to your picture file, click the view button at the top to show icons as pictures. This makes it easier to find the specific picture you want to upload.

6.)  Select the picture you want to upload by clicking on it once, and then click Open at the bottom of the box.

7.)  Now you will be taken back to the Add Photo page and in the Upload Photo box you will see the path to you picture.

8.)  Enter the Caption for your picture in the box.

9.)  Click SAVE CHANGES button.  Now go to your Profile page and look for your picture and caption.

NOTE:  Shortcut for multiple pictures: If you are uploading several pictures that are in different folders, you can copy them to you desktop, then delete them later. Make sure you COPY, not move, your pictures, so you won't delete the orginal.


Miscellaneous Site Information 

...  You may send emails to the site administrator by clicking on the "Contact Us" link at the top of the Home page. If you need help with the site this is where you go.

...  Emails to the entire class by the site adminstrator will be sent to you from:

...  Classmates can post comments under your personal Profile. I think this will be a lot of fun, and will encourage more communication on our website. The feature is live on the site but is turned off by default. If you would like to allow other classmates to post comments under your Profile, please do the following:  (this is a personal email feature) 

1.)  Log on to the site and click on 
"Edit Profile" link under "MEMBER FUNCTIONS."
2.) Place a check mark in the box next to the "Classmate Comments" feature.  Click "
     That's it--you'll now have your own personal discussion area on your Profile page. Have fun!                                                                                                 

...  "Notify Me:"  You'll find it in the "MEMBERS FUNCTIONS" Navigation Panel as a link at the left of the Home Page. This feature allows you to see all the Classmate Profiles you are currently subscribed to, and quickly subscribe to or unsubscribe from all Profiles in one convenient place.

Note:  If you subscribe to a Classmate's Profile and that Classmate has opted to share his or her Birthday, you will now receive a Birthday notification email one week prior to the Classmate's 'Big Day," and a second notice on the day of the Classmates Birthday.  Enjoy.

Terms Of Use

This site is intended to be welcoming to all classmates & approved guests.  Therefore, all members of this site are expected to abide by the following.
By using the Batavia High School Class of 1959 website, you agree to the following terms of use:

1.  No threatening or harassing communications will be sent to other classmates or guests.
2.  If I receive any communications that are improper, I will contact the site administrator.
3.  I will not post obscene, vulgar, or crude photos.
4.  I will not use use obscene, vulgar, crude, or offensive language.

Any classmate or approved guest may be removed from this site due to one or more of the above violations.  This action may be reported by another classmate if not found by the site administrator.  A member may be "locked out" while the site administrator confirms the violation. If a reported violation is found to be false, the member's log-in will be restored.