Batavian - 1959

The Complete 1959 Batavia


  Our thanks to Mike Mumford (BHS '60) for obtaining this clean copy from the BHS Library, and to Jim Minor (BHS '61) for scanning & posting the yearbook on a 3rd parting hosting site from which I was able to "rescue" it.  Thanks guys.


... Click on the yearbook cover. It will enlarge for enhanced viewing.
... Click on the arrows (triangles) in the center left or right of each pair of pages to "flip backward or forward to the next pair of pages.
... Click on the arrow/vertical bar at the top left or right of each pair of pages to go to the beginning or end of the yearbook.
... Along the bottom are a row of dots.  Click on any of those to advance or go back 20 pages at a time.  Click on a thumbnail page along the bottom to open at that page.                                                                         ... If you move your curser up to the top pf the pages you will see a navigational bar that you can also use.  To EXIT, close the book with the arrow/verticle bar at top left of any page.  Then click on the large X in the upper right of the page to exit.