Tutoring with Marian

Hi.  I'm Marian
            Welcome to my website link. I hope you will visit often. The purpose of this link is to facilitate your use of our website. Learning is a lifetime experience and should be highly treasured. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and use these tips to expand your knowledge base.

"Tutoring with Marian"
            Website Assistant

#1   Crusin'  "Our Homeroom:"   The "Our Homeroom"  link offers several ways to look at different aspects of the class. The large box at the top of the page offers seven categories or ways to look at information. If you click on any one of these categories you will be viewing a different segment of the class each time.
      ** Below the above mentioned box is a small square entitled "Show Yearbook Photo". If  checked it will put a face to all those folks. I really like this feature. 
      You may also look at the class as a whole in four different configurations by clicking a choice next to "Show By". Again here, you may want to use the "Show Yearbook Photo" option.
      Note:  Please let me know if/how I can make these directions clearer.

#2   Want to make your website pages larger/smaller for viewing?  See instructions on the "Home" page.

#3    I know there are a lot of directions posted on the website. The best way to learn how to use the site?  Log on and practice often.  Pick one link and try it several times, then move on to another doing the same, but always reviewing the previous one. It will make your visits a lot more enjoyable. Or if needed, you could print them.  Nah, no "cheat sheets" allowed at BHS. We don't need 'em.

#4    Don't forget the "Contact Us" link across the top of the "Home" page.  No one has ever used it to ask for help. If you have not figured something out I have wasted all my time putting this site together. We are always here for you.

#5   To avoid having to "Log On" each time you visit our website, after typing in your email address and password, click on the "REMEMBER ME" box BEFORE clicking the green "Log On" box.  Now, when you leave the site do not use the "Log Out" link in the left "Navigation Panel."  Just close down the site by clicking on the X in upper righthand corner of your screen.  (need to have "cookies turned on - on your computer)

#6  Forgot your PASSWORD?  Simply click on "Forgot Password" in Log On Box top right hand corner of "Home" page.

#7   Having problems viewing website?  Try refreshing your web browser by clearing your browser's cache. It quite often fixes your problems. Most of you are either using Internet Explorer (IE) or Firefox (FF) as your browser. (See video below: "What is a Web Browser?")  First open/click your browser on your desktop screen, the one that you use to gain access to the internet. Follow the two steps in either IE or FF to clear your browser:

HELP:  Not sure of your Browser?  Go to www.whatbrowser.org. to find out.

     IE:  1.) Select the Tools menu & click Internet Options & select the General Tab.
            2.) Delete all cookies in the Temporary Internet Files section by clicking Delete Cookies   and press OK.

     FF:  1.) Select the Tools menu & click Options (may also be under Edit Preferences    depending on your browser version) & select the Privacy button.
            2.) Select the Cookies Tab and delete all cookies by clicking on Delete All Cookies button.

NOTE:  FYI:  This website was created in the FF browser.  We high recommend you use FF so you will be problem free.  In some cases IE does not function well when you go to our class website. Problems may arise.

     You may want to seriously consider changing from Internet Explorer to Firefox.  You can download it onto your computer for free. If you are nervous about doing this maybe a grandchild or a neighbor Junior/Senior high school student could help you. I have the neighhood boy who I can call on.  You may have to feed him!!