BHS Class of 1959: 50th Class Reunion - September 2009

Seated: Barb Sanborn,  Elaine Osborn,  Andrea Gorecki,  Sharon Smith,  Mary Hulbert,  Bev Norris,  Sue Schrader,  Paul Huff
Row 1:  Paul Strogen,  Sharon Dorf,  Gail Biddlecombe,  Jane Carey,  Linda Plowe,  Sally Pontius,  Helen Raymond,  Kathy Voorhees, Benny Martino,  Ross Fanarra,  Rachelle Harsey,  Bob Fazio,  Mary Louise Jacek,  Carol James
Row 2:  Sandy Ireland,  Mary Rose Stone,  Dee Grant,  Cindy Levins,  Ann Radder,  Salinda  Cummings,  John Wloch,  Louie Barone, Connie De Janiero,  Joe DiAngelo,  Larry Muscarella,  Pat Elmore,  Marty Paravato,  Marty Chatt,  Vinny Sando
Row 3:  Allen Jenks,  Marge Willett,  Marge Pann(behind Dee Grant),  Marcia Tooley(behind Marge Pann),  Norm Noack,  Bob Kwit, Frank Scalia,  Pep Johnson,  Larry Sformo,  Dick Reinholtz,  Scooter Barone,  Bob Nichols,  Dick Scafetta
Row 4:  Eva Morrow,  Peg Bradley,  Moose Gray,  Claudia Talbot,  Tony SanFrantello,  Don Swanz,  Mike Sabatino,  Gary Grefrath, Norm Wilcox,  Dwight Rogers,  Sid Barsuk(head turned),  Roger Crassi,  Phil Archer,  Eddie Belles
Row 5:  Roger Snell,  Don Harms,  Jim Powell,  Jim Beachel,  Clipper Jones,  Gary Ellis(top of head only),  Richie Lamkin,  Gary Schrader,  Doug Ives


"That Old Gang of Mine"

50th Reunion
Renewing Old Friendships

September 18 -20, 2009

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This is an up-tempo version of "That Old Gang of Mine."

Reunion Attendance - 83 of possible 146 located classmates   (57%)
With 77 Spouces, Total 160

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BHS Tour
Friday Evening Mixer
Saturday Evening Reunion Banquet



Some of Our  Reunion Guys.  The Conversation Goes:

"Geeze, those gals in our class are still lookin' mighty foxy."
"Fox? Where's the fox? I don't see no fox."
"He didn't say fox. He said Foxy!"
"There's no such thing as foxy. Only fox, and I don't see none."
"By the way, where are we? Anyone have a clue where were at?"
"Where're the pigeons?"
"The fox ate 'em!"


                      A Big "Thank You" to Our Planning Committee



Sue Schrader Dibble;  Mary Hulbert Tiede;  Pep Johnson;  Benny Martino;  Marge Pann Dombroski;    Sharon Smith;  Mary Rose Stone Rademacker;  Scooter Barone;  Gary Schrader;  Connie DeJaniero Moon. 

And to Barb Sanborn Mentzer & Elaine Osborn for the early edition of the "PIC" to kick off the reunion planning.

Tour of "Our" BHS  
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 "Who Dat" at the Friday Evening Mixer?  

Reunion Banquet Videos Below
The Class of '59 says "Thank You" to Paul "Casey" Strogen for these videos.

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In the Beginning(MC) Paul Huff ... Segment 1

In Loving Memory - Roger Crassi ... Segment 2 

Invocation - Phil Archer ... Segment 3

This & That - Just Havin' a Good Time ... Segment 4

This & That - Just Havin' a Good time ... Segment 5

This & That - Just Havin' a Good Time ... Segment 6

Class History Synopsis - Sidney Barsuk ... Segment 7

Reflections - Roger Snell ... Segment 8

Reflections - Frank Scalia ... Segment 9

Entertainment by "The Octet" Minus Four - Segment 10

Letter From Sezer Gokhan Read by Gail Biddlecombe
Class Prophecy - Cynthia Levins - Segment 11

Acknowledgements/Awards - Segment 12

BHS Class of '59 Banquet Closing - Huffy - Segment 13